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Worship – SJS Band

We don’t currently have any live music at our services but hope to get back to it as soon as possible.

If you play an instrument or sing and would like to get involved in leading our worship, we would love to have a chat with you and invite you to join us for a rehearsal.

We particularly welcome any youth or students who are interested in joining the band as we love to invest in them as our worship leaders of the future. We have a ‘Youth Band’ which plays at some of our services.

Rehearsals and prayer for the Worship Band usually take place on Monday evenings. 


Prayer is central to who we are and how we live life at SJS. We have an amazing 500 year old chapel, where generations have gathered to pray and meet with the living God. We still use the same chapel daily for prayer, prayer ministry and other prayer gatherings.

Mondays 1.00pm-1.45pm – Contemplative Prayer on Zoom

Tuesdays 9.00am – 9.45am – ‘The Wellspring’ Prayer on Zoom

Tuesdays 9.00am – 9.45amPrayer for Renewal and Revival on Zoom

2021 Prayer – One evening a month we invite everyone to join together for an hour of prayer.

Evening Prayer Gatherings 2021
Wednesday20th Jan19:30-20:30
Wednesday17th Feb19:30-20:30
Wednesday17th Mar19:30-20:30
Wednesday21st Apr19:30-20:30
Wednesday19th May19:30-20:30
Wednesday16th Jun19:30-20:30
Wednesday21st Jul19:30-20:30
Wednesday18th Aug19:30-20:30
Wednesday15th Sep19:30-20:30
Wednesday20th Oct19:30-20:30
Wednesday17th Nov19:30-20:30
Wednesday15th Dec19:30-20:30
Young man being prayed for


Hospitality and welcome is at the heart of the life of SJS. Our Welcome Team is available each week to help you find your way around the church and offer great coffee and tea at every event or Sunday service. Meet up and make new friends, chat after the services and get to know a few people.


Growing as disciples of Jesus is central to who we are as Christians. We believe that reading the Bible, daily prayer, regular worship and being involved in a Life Group is how we grow as Christians at SJS. Join in with a Life Group and go deeper in your walk with Christ as a disciple.

Contact Jon Barnardo on

Pastoral Care

We really care for each other and feel passionately about offering support to those in need. There are opportunities to help in ‘one off’ ways through Besom projects, where we offer a team to help a local family with an occasional decorating or garden project, or help in the local foodbank, as well as offering meals to families within our church family in times of need e.g. after having a baby or recovering from illness. We currently have a team of seven Pastoral Assistants, who offer long term and occasional pastoral support to church members and local people. We offer opportunities for members of the church to train as Pastoral Assistants. If you would like to get involved, or would value a visit please contact

We have a confidential prayer chain of people committed to prayer for those in need. Contact


At SJS, we actively support our local and global Mission Partners through prayer, financial giving and overseas mission trips. The Mission and Community Team is led by Chris and Claire Lee and welcome new people being involved in this area of our church life.

To learn more and find out how you can get involved contact Chris (Mission and Community Pastor) Contact:

Chris Lee, Mission and Community Pastor

Local Mission Partners and Community Outreach

We want to be a blessing to all who live and work in Guildford, especially those in need. Our Local Mission Partners are Guildford Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Centre, North Guildford foodbank and Besom. Each year we complete a number of Besom projects and work with our neighbouring church, St Peters, in the local Bellfield’s Fun Day.

Christians Against Poverty Logo

Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counselling charity with a network of debt centres based in local churches. CAP offers hope and a solution to people in debt through its top quality, in-depth service.

Westborough Church has partnered with other Guildford churches and with CAP to offer debt counselling in our community. The service they offer is completely free.

Call 0800 328 0006 to book an appointment with Guildford Debt Centre or visit

The North Guildford Food Bank at St Clare’s, Park Barn, the New Hope Centre, Bellfields and in Merrow (at the Bushy Hill Community Centre) has been set up to provide temporary help for individuals and families in the Guildford area who are in need. Working alongside local agencies and churches, they want to ensure that no-one goes hungry.

To Find Out More

Guildford CAP Job Club is a friendly place where you will get practical help as you seek employment. It’s a relaxed environment with the chance to meet other jobseekers, get support and gain the tools you need to find work. Open to absolutely anyone who would like help.

Course – Coaching – Community – Connecting

For more information call Nick Walden on 07432 515410. or visit to find our more.

The focus on the Besom is and always has been on those who have something to give, but are looking for a way to do so. Besom encourages involved giving out of a sense of love, as opposed to duty, and offers people the opportunity to think creatively about how they would like to give. To find out more about the ways you can give .

Give TIME We are all about giving at Besom!  Individuals or groups from local churches give their time to and through  their local Besom to those in need in the Guildford area. 

Give THINGS Besom passes on household furniture and items which you give. 

Give MONEY You can give money to the Guildford Besom in order for them to buy items which local people need or you can help your local Besom with their costs.  Please contact the Guildford Besom to discuss.

Give SKILLS If you have skills which you would like to offer to Guildford Besom, please contact Guildford Besom

Telephone Simon 07929 037101



Global Mission Partners

David and Linda James ECM, Austria 🇦🇹

David and Linda James are based in Austria and have been with ECM since 1997.

David is the Human Resources specialist on the International leadership team.

He develops systems and practices to maximise ECM’S capacity for church planting across Europe.

David develops key leadership teams and individuals through mentoring, training and supporting.

Linda supports David in all that he does and also works bi-vocationally as a technical author.

Locally they facilitate evangelistic outreach using a Tea bus in Villach and other areas. They reach out to young people with tea, coffee and cakes whilst sharing God’s word and love.

Sergiu and Diana Bradean In Romania Supported by CMS 🇷🇴

Sergiu Bradean is married to Diana, they have two daughters.

Dania and Neria are both musically gifted, Dania the eldest daughter is often involved in leading worship in their church.

Sergiu has been the senior Pastor of Golgotha church in Constanta since 2014. Constanta is in the Eastern part of Romania by the Black sea.

Sergiu is focussed on evangelising people in an area characterised by ethnic diversity (Turks, Tatars, Gypsies, Russians and Romanians) and religious diversity (the entire area has the biggest Muslim population in Romania.)

Constanta is also an area characterised by moral depravity and prostitution. The density of evangelicals in this area is very low so there is much work to be done.

Sergiu has been called to Constanta to plant many new churches both in the city and surrounding villages. Golgotha Church has a heart and a passion for Mission, they support Mission churches in Tuzla and Ovidiu.

Wendy Gerster is based in Switzerland OMF 🇨🇭

Wendy Gerster is based in Switzerland, she has a daughter Elizabeth (who is now married) and a son Andreas.

Wendy continues to build relationships and share her faith with everyone she meets.

Originally Wendy and her late husband served in Japan with OMF reaching out with the Gospel, building and planting churches.

They then moved to Ulster in Switzerland working with a Japanese church in a German speaking part of Switzerland.

Recently God has put Wendy in touch with many refugee families. Wendy has shared her faith, supported and encouraged them.

Daniel and Sarah Brito Medeiros Brazil CMS 🇧🇷

Daniel is married to Sarah and they have two daughters Sophie and Ana Daniel is from Recife, near where ReVive is based, and has a background in public relations; he will be networking with churches and charities to raise awareness of ReVive’s work and funding for this vital mission.

Sarah is a dance therapist. While teaching ballet to children who lived near a rubbish dump in Brazil in 2006, she was inspired to do an MA in Dance Movement Therapy to help with emotional well-being.

Many children in Brazil are born into poverty and live in fear, often as a result of abuse and violence with some forced to live on the streets. Girls living on the streets are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Their heart is for these girls to encounter God’s presence and find healing and wholeness, which is why they will be working with ReVive International. It’s a ministry started by CMS mission partners which restores lives and renews hope for abused and exploited girls in Brazil.

Leadership Development

We are passionate about giving people opportunities to develop their gifts, skills and leadership potential. There are opportunities to grow in leading worship, preaching, praying for others, sharing your faith and leadership, including in smaller group settings. Mark is Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands (ADDO) for Guildford Diocese and a Vocational Adviser on Bishops Advisory Panel (BAP) for the Church of England and he has a real passion for releasing and mentoring people in their God given gifts, skills and leadership in Ordained and Lay Ministry.

To learn more about these opportunities contact Mark (Rector)

Join a Team

We invite you to get involved. Belonging to SJS is a commitment to grow in your potential and serve others, making a difference in the Church and the World today. We encourage everyone to use their gifts and skills for others.

Contact Mark Woodward, Rector or the Church Office

Safeguarding & Inclusion

Protection of all children, young people and those who are vulnerable is of paramount importance to us. We have adopted the Diocese of Guildford Safeguarding Policy.

Elodie Curran and Helen Anjomshoaa are our appointed Parish Safeguarding Officers, whose role is to ensure that everyone who works the Church in any capacity has undergone the necessary checks and training beforehand and, working with the PCC ensures our policy is implemented. Specifically, everyone who works with under 18’s and those who are vulnerable is taken through a recruitment process and is checked for Enhanced DBS clearance. For more information about our policy and the guidelines and training we give our volunteers and workers please contact us.

Please contact our parish safeguarding officers Elodie Curran and Helen Anjomshoaa and both can be contacted on

Our Safeguarding policy statement

As members of this PCC, we commit our parish to the nurturing, protection and safeguarding of all, especially the young and vulnerable.

  • We recognise that our work with children, young people and those who are vulnerable is the responsibility of the whole Church community.
  • We are committed to following the Home Office Code of Practice, Safe from Harm, the House of Bishops and Diocesan guidelines.
  • We undertake to select all our workers with care, to support them and to train them.
  • We are committed to supporting all who we have contact with.
  • We review this policy annually.


For more information regarding our Safeguarding and Inclusion policies please contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer.
For training in our Safeguarding policies and procedures please contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Rector or Churchwarden.

Website for Guildford Diocesan Safeguarding and Inclusion resources.