Getting baptised at St John's Stoke

Baptisms for Young Children (Christening)

We are thrilled that you want to have your child baptised at St John’s Stoke and we will do all that we can to make it a great occasion for you and the family. Baptism is a great step of commitment, with real promises that are made by you and your child’s godparents, so one of the team will call round to meet with you and discuss baptism and what it means. You will be invited and encouraged to attend St John’s Stoke to find out more – why not come along this Sunday to get started? Contact | 01483 574562

Baptisms – for youth and adults

We have the amazing privilege of being next door to Guildford Lido, where we are graciously allowed to conduct our baptisms on Pentecost Sunday each year. One of the team will lead you through a preparation course for baptism with others who are being baptised. You will be invited to share your testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. Prepare for a great celebration!

Safeguarding & Inclusion

Protection of all children, young people and those who are vulnerable is of paramount importance to us. We have adopted the Diocese of Guildford Safeguarding Policy.

Elodie Curran and Helen Anjomshoaa are our appointed Parish Safeguarding Officers, whose role is to ensure that everyone who works the Church in any capacity has undergone the necessary checks and training beforehand and, working with the PCC ensures our policy is implemented. Specifically, everyone who works with under 18’s and those who are vulnerable is taken through a recruitment process and is checked for Enhanced DBS clearance. For more information about our policy and the guidelines and training we give our volunteers and workers please contact us.

Please contact our parish safeguarding officers Elodie Curran and Helen Anjomshoaa and both can be contacted on

Our Safeguarding policy statement

As members of this PCC, we commit our parish to the nurturing, protection and safeguarding of all, especially the young and vulnerable.

  • We recognise that our work with children, young people and those who are vulnerable is the responsibility of the whole Church community.
  • We are committed to following the Home Office Code of Practice, Safe from Harm, the House of Bishops and Diocesan guidelines.
  • We undertake to select all our workers with care, to support them and to train them.
  • We are committed to supporting all who we have contact with.
  • We review this policy annually.


For more information regarding our Safeguarding and Inclusion policies please contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer.
For training in our Safeguarding policies and procedures please contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Rector or Churchwarden.

Website for Guildford Diocesan Safeguarding and Inclusion resources.